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1. Article – How do I use Blackboard Dis… – TeamDynamix


To view the posts in a forum, select the forum title. Forum titles in bold contain unread posts. For each forum, view the total number of posts, the number of unread posts, and the number of participants. For quick access to the forum’s unread messages, select the link in the Unread Posts column.

2. Discussion Boards – Blackboard Student Support

Discussion Boards

Unread posts are marked in blue and read posts are indicated in white. Posts are marked as read as you read down the page, but only if the entire post is visible ( …

3. Threads | Blackboard Help


Select the number of unread posts to view only those posts in a thread. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to other threads in the forum. When you view threads, …

4. Reply to Discussion Posts | Blackboard Help


If you want to view only the unread posts in the thread, select Unread. The unread posts appear on one page. The page expands below the post you’re responding …

5. Blackboard Learn: Using Discussion Boards – Blackboard …


Discussion Board within a Blackboard course allow Teachers and Students to interact and discuss … Accessing Discussion Boards … The number of unread posts will display in red, as will the number of replies to your post.

6. How to Check for Unread Discussion Posts – Instruction @ UH

How to Check for Unread Discussion Posts

There are two ways to check for unread discussion posts. One way is to … From the Blackboard entry page, click arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the screen. Click the … After reading all posts, click ALL link to select all posts.

7. Using the Discussion Board in Blackboard


Message Actions: After selecting one, some or all of the thread and/or posts scroll over the Message Actions button (blue button) to mark items as read, unread, to …

8. Using the Discussion Board in Blackboard


To the left you will notice the Unread Posts and Total Posts. This tells how many … 3. Click on the Thread Subject Title (blue link) to read and reply to that thread.

9. How to Use Blackboard Discussions v2.pdf


o Search for posts. o See how many posts are in each forum. o Jump to a collection of unread posts. o Select a forum to view its threads.

10. Navigating the Discussion Board | Blackboard Learn | Faculty …


Unread posts: This number shows the number of unread posts in the thread. Clicking on this number allows you to view all unread posts. Replies …

11. Blackboard Help – UNM Online


Click a thread title to read the posts. Titles containing unread posts appear in bold type. 5. Determine your view. You can view a forum with threads appearing in a …

12. Using the Discussion Boards Feature in Blackboard


discussion board and to view the Group Discussion Boards and entries. … Viewing Threads/Replies: Participants must create a thread in order to view other … read. Unread: You can use this tool to mark each individual post as not read.