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1. Blackboard Grade Center – Icon Legend

The Grade Center in Blackboard comes with a legend of icons that you … User Unavailable – student is no longer enrolled in class, and cannot …

2. Work with Text | Blackboard Help

You also may not be able to remove or add formatting after you paste the text into the … Select the Horizontal line icon to add a thin horizontal line to the current …

3. What Does the Editor Do? | Blackboard Help

Each editor option is represented by an icon. … open a second line menu with the options for: superscript, subscript and, strikethrough text to choose from. … Do Not Sell My Personal Information.

4. Blackboard Learn: Content Editor (2020) – Blackboard Help for …

Blackboard Learn: Content Editor (2020)

Wherever you have the option to edit text in Blackboard, you see essentially the same Content Editor. … If you use Shift + Enter rather than Return it will add a line without a space … Blackboard Content Editor: New icons 2020.

5. Article – The Blackboard Text Editor – TeamDynamix

The Blackboard Text Editor tool is available to Instructors: When creating or … Tool icons rule line and non-breaking space. Horizonal rule …

6. Behind the Blackboard!

… New Content Editor as Code does not Add Carry Return at End of Line … on the *{;}* icon for adding a code snippet; Add some lines of Code:.

7. Blackboard – New Content Editor Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to questions about using the new Blackboard Content Editor … A: Click the Text color icon – the letter A underlined … around the linked file, but the text after the file link will still break to a new line. … Q: Misspelled words are no longer highlighted – how do I spell-check the content?

8. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tutorial – Instructional Continuity

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a simple, user-friendly tool that is used for web … where you do not have audio/a microphone on your device, or if your … lines. Clicking this icon will open up the menu for the room you are in.

9. Course Components – Blackboard Help

contextual menu next to the house icon to go to another course. Next to the … from the course menu as soon as the information is no longer needed. Tool link … Divider. A divider is a line that visually divides the course menu to help users find.

10. Blackboard editor – working with text and adding files …

Blackboard editor – working with text and adding files, multimedia and weblinks

Please see the Blackboard help page for definitions of each icon function. … Pixels are used for dimensions, space, and the border. … constrain proportions and change the dimensions, the image is resized without horizontal …

11. Blackboard – Assignment Tool – Grading and Feedback …

Blackboard – Assignment Tool – Grading and Feedback

In addition to grading, Blackboard has an improved annotation tool (new July 2020) … instructions to record feedback to the student (with or without video enabled). … cell for that student which contains either the “Needs Grading” icon or the grade, … Shapes – Choose Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, and Polyline.

12. Blackboard Known Issues | Blackboard Help

Columns · Calculated Columns · Grading On-line · Grading Offline · Letter Grades … In the meantime, do not open the source file after selecting it for upload into … Latest Microsoft Windows Update causes problems with Blackboard. … Name that include the characters such as pound/number/hash/lattice/sharp symbol, …