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1. Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology – KU CTE

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2. Discussion Post 4 – Medea | World Literature with Jennifer Popa

Discussion Post 4 – Medea

Discussion Post 4 – Medea. 1 Reply. I think Medea is … She also kind of reminded me of the gods and goddesses of myths like these. A lot of times they would …

3. ENG 291 – CRN 1315 – MYTHOLOGY – SPRING … – MxCC

Euripides, Medea and Other Plays (Penguin Classics, 1963) … Blackboard offers a network on which I will post the syllabus, quizzes, assignments, lectures, … Weekly discussion posts will facilitate student thought and foster …

4. Greek and Roman Myths of Heroes – University of Houston

Course Blackboard Page: This course is being taught partially on-line, and … The Medea of Euripides, translated by Rex Warner (1993, ISBN: 978-0486275482) … You are also required to post to the weekly discussion board BEFORE our …

5. Blackboard Help for Students (Discussion Board)


6. ENG111 Syllabus (Beholding Violence) – SIUe

DISCUSSION BOARD (30%). On our Blackboard course site, there will be a Discussion Board which we will rely upon for … Mythological Background to Medea.

7. ENG111 Syllabus (Beholding Violence) – SIUe

Figure 1. image of Medea murdering her young son on ancient Greek vase … On our Blackboard course site, there will be a Discussion Board which we will rely upon for our collective discussions. … Mythological Background to Medea.

8. Introduction to Classical Mythology – CLAS 220-J12 – Course …

Introduction to Classical Mythology – CLAS 220-J12 Fall 2019 Online … Days by Hesiod (trans. by M. L. West, ISBN 9780199538317) Medea and Other Plays, … Assignments There will be four assignments, posted in the “Discussions” … will be posted in PDF form on Blackboard in the “PDFs of Reading Assignments” folder.

9. Blackboard Learn: How to operate the Discussion Board in my …


10. Syllabus for Women‟s Studies: WGS: 328-80: Goddess …

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11. (DOC) Syllabus: Art and Myth in Ancient World (with …

For technological help, click on the “Help for Blackboard/Technical” link on the … COURSE SCHEDULE Discussion Board Posts and AssignmentsYour first steps … The myth of Medea: Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book Seven, lines 1-424 (pages …

12. English 210 – Mythology – People Server at UNCW

Basic use of Blackboard and UNCW email, including attaching and downloading documents. • Use of Microsoft … discussion posts should be concise, and should not exceed 200 words. Each week that … “The Golden Fleece – Medea” (online).